Welcome to the new Power Coolant & Chemical Online Store

Power Coolant & Chemical is an independently owned specialty chemical company dedicated to providing products and services of the highest quality to the metalworking industry.  We are an innovator in coolant and water-based fluid additive technology.

Our tank-side additives are developed to specifically address the problems commonly associated with water-based fluids such as health and safety, odor complaints, bacterial contamination and fluid instability.  These products include biocides, odor control products , bio-stable emulsifiers, and boron and copper compounds.

Our bio-stable POWR-CUT coolants are used in all types of machining operations.  They provide a performance edge for those cutting and grinding applications that demand extra physical lubrication and long sump life.  These heavy duty fluids deliver measurable tool life improvement and longer sump life even under the most demanding of applications.

Power Coolant & Chemical is located in Mount Gilead, NC.  We have production and R & D support in Cincinnati OH.  For more information on our products, please explore our web-site www.pcchemical.com or contact us directly.