Odor Control, Emulsion Stabilizers and Biocide Boosters

Our tank-side additives are developed to specifically address the problems commonly
associated with water-based fluids such as health and safety, odor complaints, bacterial
contamination and fluid instability. These products include biocides, odor control products ,
bio-stable emulsifiers, and boron and copper compounds. The most effective and easy to use
is SDT sump deodorizing tablet. This product is perfect for your small to medium size sumps
where odor is a problem.

  Appearance Dosage Rate Odor Control Biocide Booster Emulsion Stabilizer ppM Copper Waste Treatable
Cuprisan Dark blue liquid 0.025% to 0.1% Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
40,000 ppM
Reductol Slightly opaque liquid 0.05% to 0.2% Yes No Yes No Yes
Organomet Powder Blue moist powder 1 4oz scoop per 25 gallons of coolant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SDT Blue tablet 1 tablet per 25 gallons of coolant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

odor eliminating tablets are designed to be used in small sumps, usually of 200 gallons or less to eliminate and prevent odors such as hydrogen sulfide, i.e. rotten egg odors. SDT also reduces the biofilm, a breading ground for bacteria and fungi found in metalworking fluids. They contain no formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing chemicals of any kind. Safe and easy to use, SDT is the most effective way to control odors in any water-based system.

is a unique waste treatable copper complex designed to work synergistically with biocides. When used with an Isothiazolinone-based microbiocide, as little as 20% of the normal dosage is required to attain a perfect kill and maintain a controlled fluid. CUPRISAN� will immediately eliminate and prevent the recurrence of most coolant-borne odors such as the common rotten egg smell. CUPRISAN� will also aid in the stabilization of water-based cutting fluids.

is a blend of multifunctional fatty esters and soaps as well as surfactants designed to eliminate and prevent all types of coolant borne odors including sulfide and the musty odors created by shorter chained fatty acids. The specially formulated surfactants in REDUCTOL also aid in the chemical breakdown of the biofilm, the nest where bacteria and fungi grow and breed, allowing it to be carried out with the chips or filtration equipment, thereby providing a bio-stable metalworking fluid. REDUCTOL does not contain any heavy metals in the formulation and is easily waste treated by all current methods.

is a new treatment designed to safely overcome the problems common to water-based metalworking coolants. Organomet will chemically neutralize and prevent the recurrence of odors caused by bacteria. Specially formulated ingredients protect the vital components of the coolant from bacteria and fungi, providing a bio-stable fluid that extends coolant sump life. Regular use of Organomet will also maintain a stable pH and help to reduce sticky residues that build up on both the tools and machines.