The last thing you want is your coolant spoiling quickly. Also the hazards to an employee's

  health due to microorganisms which live and multiply easily in a sump need to be eliminated.

  This is why the use of biocides from time to time is necessary to control and protect us from

  harmful microorganisms in our machine shop.  We offer proven microbicides that are effective

  against bacteria, fungus, yeast and mold.  KATHON�CC has both a microbicide and

  stabilizer to extended its effectiveness longer than any other microbicide alone.  KATHON�CC

  levels in your coolant can be measured by a simple test method in your plant.  For more

  information on this test kit click here.


Use level Tank Side


Effective against

Specific Gravity

pH (neat material)

% active

KATHON CC 32oz to 128 oz per 1000 gallons Dark blue liquid Bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus and odors 1.19 5.5-8.0 1.5
KATHON 886MW 7oz to 21oz per 1000 gallons Slightly viscous amber liquid Broad-spectrum fungicide 1.33 2-4 14
KORDEC 50C 16oz to 32 oz per 1000 gallons Semi-solid to solid light brown material Bacteria and fungus 1.16 3-4 50
KATHON 893MW 7oz to 21oz per 1000 gallons Clear amber liquid Broad-spectrum fungicide 1.03 Not Available 45

For information about Biocide Boosters please refer to our product CUPRISAN.   Kathon and  Kordek are registered trade marks of the Rohm & Haas Corporation.

is a unique blend of a broad spectrum microbiocide and a stabilizing agent that is designed for the use as a tankside preservative for metalworking fluids. This new mixture makes KATHON� CC the most efficient microbiological control available on the market. The long sump life of KATHON� CC makes it highly effective against the toughest bacterial and fungal contamination, including yeast and mold. KATHON� CC can be added tankside to synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble oil cutting fluid formulations.

For more information on KATHON� CC E-Mail us at info@pcchemical.com